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Squeezy Tubes

July 25, 2013

Right about the time Jack Jr started eating solids a new product as revolutionary as disposable diapers and wipes came onto the market.  Squeezy Tubes.

squeezy tube

Ok, they aren’t actually called squeezy tubes, but that is the nickname we’ve given them.  It’s essentially fast food for infants.  We could now go out all day and avoid jars and spoons and bowls, just pop the top and the kid sucks out the goodness inside.  It wasn’t long until we could chuck one of these babies at the boy and he’d feed himself!

After he moved on to “real” food (more on that travesty another time) we would still buy fruit squeezy tubes for the snack bag.  We did the same thing with Kaylee to good success.

At some point though, squeezy tubes went from a snack bag specialty to a morning must have.  Then onto a tantrum inducing addiction.  Kaylee tries playing the sweet card, little hands folded, big blue eyes looking up at me, pleading “pleeeeease daddy! Squeezy tube! Please please please!”    Then she’d repeat the whole thing with a tone of desperation.  After I still manage to fight her off, the inevitable tantrum.

Now, I certainly do not complain that she wishes to eat them, they are just applesauce.  However, they aren’t cheap and we have plowed through a box of 20 in a week.  So, as I listen to the tantrum this constantly runs through my head.

Squeezy Matrix

But, will they eat applesauce?

Kaylee says it best “No! Yucky!  I don’t LIKE it!”



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