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The Kids are Flying

July 27, 2013

I’ve a photo bug since Jack was born.  I love taking pictures of the kids, its just fun.   After resisting for years the wife finally convinced me to buy a DSLR (thank you honey).  We went with an entry level Nikon D3200.

WTF! What took me so damn long!  The difference between the DSLR and a point and shoot is stupid.  It’s the difference between eating McDonald’s burger meat as though it were steak and eating Filet at Morton’s Steakhouse.

I still suck at using it, but I am learning slowly.  I don’t think I’ll ever consider myself even an amateur photographer, but some of the pics I’ve been able to get are so damned awesome.  Below are some of my favorites.

The Kids are Flying:
This is was on father’s day.  The kids were jumping from the inflatable mattress on the right to our HUGE bean bag chair on the left.
DSC_4301 DSC_4304 DSC_4309 DSC_4300

The Wizard:
Here is my first time messing with long exposure times.


Kaylee is Beautiful:
Yeah, I take a LOT of pictures of Kaylee being beautiful.

DSC_5354 DSC_0268 DSC_2731 ?????????


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