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She Slimed Me Ray

July 28, 2013

It’s a good thing we are stopping at 3 kids.  Each kid has become progressively more pukey.  From Jack who had cute little splotches that I took great care in dabbing from his face, to now Sarah who regularly performs feets of spit-up magic that would have David Blaine scratching his head.

I blame myself.  Three days into her little life she had yet to spit-up, leading me to proudly proclaim “This baby is spit-up free!”

HA!  The universe wasn’t going to let that boast last.

We go through an average of 6 receiving blankets a day, my wife goes through at least 2 t-shirts daily (she isn’t about to put on a nice blouse).  We go through 2 packs of wipes a week (granted, we do use them for just about everything).  She’s created puddles on shirts, the couch, the carpet, her car seat, her crib, and her changing table.

She’s managed to have enough force to ricochet off our shoulders, up in the air and land on the group with a SPLASH!  Yesterday she got puke on the back of my leg!

I feel extra bad for my wife who has the mom’s share of taking care of the baby.  Her patience with the whole thing is saintly to the extreme.  The only time I’ve heard her get frustrated is after a shower.  Sarah apparently can smell the cleanliness and must put a stop to it as quickly as possible.

Mom, dad and every surface in the house aren’t Sarah’s sole targets.  She’s gotten both her big brother and big sister this week.  Jack even has a nick name: spitup canon balls.


I am working under a new theory that she is actually eating too much.  I think she eats when she’s upset and that she’s upset cause she has lots of gas.  Last night I gave her gas drops when she got fussy, then again 15 minutes later.  Within a few minutes after that second dose I got some nice dainty burps, she stopped kicking and arching her back; her head dropped on my shoulder and she was out.  So, here’s to hoping it keeps up and maybe my wife can stay spit-up for more than 12 minutes.

Anyone else have old faithful for a baby?


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