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Friday Finds

September 5, 2013

Friday Finds are a variety of things that I’ve run across on the interwebs.  Be it an interesting activity, a great blog post or some type of product.  If you have a Friday Find you think our readers would like, let me know.

6 ft long blackboard sticker

This has been on livingsocial for some time, its a 6 foot by 1.5 foot vinyl chalkboard.  We finally got around to installing it today and it is pretty sweet.  Kaylee is loving it. The chalk goes on well and comes off pretty good too, much better than the lousy chalkboard we have in an easel for the kids.  Well worth the $15 delivered, we actually planning on getting another one.

What does LOL mean?

I found this post about one technophobe dad’s embracing of technology to connect with his son charming, and quite funny.

An AT-AT made out of pancakes?  Ah..yep:

And a bunch more at jim’s pancakes

A rapper teaches science

Inner-city kids have an all around bum-deal.  It is heartwarming and amazing when seeing an idol actually live up to the title.  A member of the wu-tang clan gets kids to love science.


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