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Local dad has three kids, you won’t believe what he almost forgot!

October 24, 2014


Since becoming a dad one thing has been a constant, new memories.  The kids do something every day that is worth remembering.  The problem is that much of my head is filled with 8 billion other child rearing details like how many times did the baby poop today and was it squishy, runny, or in tiny balls.

Since the brain tends to eject minor details like a Star Destroyer ejects garbage before entering hyperspace, many of those sweet moments you’d love to look back on are gone.  I can already see myself sounding like my dad in the future, recounting the same 5 stories about my childhood eliciting the same “yes I know I know you’ve told me this a million times” from my kids that I say to him.

I’d like to avoid that.

A large reason I started blogging was in hopes of capturing some of those moments for myself and my kids.  I also overshare on facebook in hopes of not forgetting the small moments.  But, the blog is public and it doesn’t really work for “Today Sarah and Kaylee hugged for the first time.”  Nor does it work for “Today was the day the urologist finally declared that I am officially shooting blanks.”    Facebook is terrible for searching and sorting so finding anything past yesterday is about impossible.

The blog and Facebook certainly don’t work for one of the most perplexing issues facing parents everywhere…kids artwork.  We have two Costco wipe boxes filled with artwork, a table overflowing in the stuff, and bits and pieces stashed everywhere.  Each piece is shoved somewhere with the tired mantra “we really need a solution for this.”

Well, a solution dropped in my lap about a month ago.  I know, another silly-named web app (it grows on you).  This app though aims to solve exactly all of the issues I’ve been experiencing.

Memfy is memory tracking website.  It is simple and quick, which means you can hop in, record your memory, and hope right back out.  It’s power is in its ability to sort and search.  It also has the ability to export all of your data to PDF, so even if you decide to move on one day, you don’t lose all that information. Another feature I love is that it’s completely private by design, which encourages the oversharer in me to write memfies only for myself without feeling like I have to make it interesting to anyone besides my family.

I’ve already forgotten so much.  I can’t remember most of my son’s little moments from when he was a toddler anymore.  My wife and I have both had those: “Remember when Jack used to…?” moments, with the other person having no memory of it.  I have no idea where any of my kid’s first teeth came in or what their first words were or when the first time it was I dropped them off the bed!

I am afraid of losing more and more of my little moments.  That is why I have started to make Memfy a part of my daily life, to capture memories, both the new and those old ones I don’t wan to forget.

I will write up another post detailing some of the ways I am using Memfy to capture my memories to help you get started.  But…do get started TODAY.  Don’t let the wonderful moments slip away. is free.  To get the most out of it though, I highly recommend the premium version @ $4 a month as it allows you additional categories, which makes sorting and searching much more effective.  From now until November 1st you can save $10 by helping to fund them on their indiegogo campaign.  They are working hard to create a mobile app, which would be the ideal way to use the service  (It does work in mobile browsers, including uploading pictures).

What is a memory you are afraid you might forget?

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