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The thrill of discovery…and Star Wars

December 19, 2015


Dec 18th is here, Star Wars the Force Awakens day.  The anticipation is killing me as we won’t see it until Monday the 21st.  Somehow I have to avoid the sea of spoilers until then.  I have never in my life wanted to avoid spoilers more.  There is a reason for that.

The first movie I remember watching was Star Wars.  I remember visiting my dad’s friend’s house, he had way more money than us, and watching Empire Strikes back in his bedroom on his very own VCR, such extravagance.  I remember asking my dad repeatedly if we could go back to that guy’s house so we can watch Star Wars again.

It was a different time.  No digital copies, no DVDs, no On Demand, VCRs were too expensive…it was the dark ages.

Regardless, I was hooked.  I would watch the movies endlessly when we did get a VCR (maybe it was cable, I can’t remember), I wanted nothing but Star Wars toys, and, as my dad has recounted a million times, I once said “You know who I remind myself of? Luke Skywalker.”

I really like Star Wars.

Fast forward a whole lotta years and the movies still hold a special place for me.  There are very few things I look back on more fondly.  It is… me. (sorry, wrong movie).

Of course, when my son was born, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to the Star Wars universe.  In a strange twist, however, he didn’t learn about the universe from the movies, rather he picked up all the characters from video games.  Angry Bird Star Wars and Lego Star Wars.  That was nice and all, but it felt anticlimactic all the same.  The first two times I tried watching the movies with him (granted, he was 4 and 5 those two times) they just didn’t hold his interest.

I had some genuinely low moments, downright pouting cause my own son didn’t like Star Wars.  My wife, the sage she is, kept urging patience.  I aint got none of that.

Then…it happened.  I showed him the first Force Awaken teaser trailer, 6 months before the movie came out.  He loved it.  We watched in 5 times.  We watched it the next day.  Within a week he had gone from liking Star Wars on the periphery to being a true blue fan.

He wanted to watch the movies, wanted the toys, wanted books, and wanted to watch the trailers over and over again.

We did watch them over and over again.

Our excitement grew as release day kept coming closer and closer.  A decision I am currently regretting is that we decided to avoid opening weekend as none of us do fantastic in a crowd.  Instead the wife and I decided to pull him out of school on Monday the 21st so we I can take him to see the movie in a much smaller crowd.  HURRY UP MONDAY!

Anyway, I told you all of that, to tell you this.

One of the dads in a great Facebook group I am part of posted a quandary. He found out his company is offering take employees to see Star Wars on opening day, paying for the tickets, and doing it all during working hours.  Awesome right?

But, should he take them up on that offer or wait until Sunday to see the movie with his family for the first time?

For me the answer would be a resounding no.  I’d rather work and miss out on seeing the movie on opening day. Why?  It’s the same reason I am avoiding spoilers.

We often share our passions from our childhood with our children, its a great part of being a parent.  Share the same Legos we built with, show them our favorite movies, introduce them to our favorite toys.  As wonderful as those moments are, they are us imparting things to our kid.

This is different.  It is much much more.

In that theater, when the words “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…” pops up on the screen, I will squeeze my son’s hand…and he and I will feel the exact same sense of anticipation.  When the John Williams’ score blares as the words STAR WARS appear on the screen, my giddyness will match his giddyness.  Then together, we will read that floating marquee and together we will get our first glimpse of this new universe.

Every discovery in this movie we will make together. I will look at my son and see the same exact wonder I am feeling mirrored in his eyes.  And when the credits roll, and the theme music is once again reverberating in the theater, we will high five each other and excitedly recount our favorite parts and we will be doing it together.  I will not impart things I’ve loved to him that day, instead we will fall in love together.

Memories with strong emotions are the most significant memories we have.  Saving this movie until we see it together means this one moment will bind us together with an emotional memory neither of us will ever forget.  This is a moment we will remember for a lifetime.  And we will remember it together.



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