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About Dadcapades

My name is Jack and I’m father of three and the husband of one.   I rather enjoy being a dad.  I also rather enjoy sharing stories of the my children’s antics (there are a lot of antics) and hearing stories of other parents experiences.  I enjoy talking about parenting like others enjoying talking sports stats or politics.

One of the most unexpected benefits of becoming a parent was the sense of joining a massive club.  All of the sudden,  I could now connect with people who I would have not one single tiny iota in common with.  It happens at the store, the park, work, the ER.  A kid does something, the parent makes a face and in that moment you identify completely with that person, no matter their age, sex, political leanings, race, origin, wealth, etc.

So, that is why I started this blog/site.  I hope to connect with as wide range of people as I can.  I want to hear and share those happy moments, proud moments, shameful moments and those moments of such deep contentment you could burst.

More About Me:

I am a late 30 something living in Pittsburgh and working in Information Technology.  I am a geek.  I married my High School sweetheart (we have been together 19 years, and married 5).  I have a 4.5 year old Son, Jack Jr , a 2.5 year old spitfire daughter, Kaylee, and a sweet newborn (7 weeks when I wrote this) named Sarah.   My children bring me joy every single day (of course some days its very brief).

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